It's good for you, good for your clothes and good for the environment!


We use GreenEarth® cleaning exclusively on everything we clean.

With GreenEarth® you see and feel the difference!

Colors won’t fade and whites won’t grey. Everything comes back cleaner and brighter, even after repeated cleaning. Everything feels better, too. Fabrics are smooth and silky, sweaters feel soft and supple. We want you to come back to us again and again, and we want you to look good when you do so!


Dry Cleaning in New Milford, CT

GreenEarth Cleaning is a natural way of treating your clothes. GreenEarth uses pure liquid silicone, which is similar to liquefied sand, instead of petrochemicals to clean your clothes. Our unique, progressive methods will not only help bring out the best look for your clothes, but will also help support the environment.

By using pure liquid silicone, GreenEarth cleaning protects the environment with environmentally friendly products instead of using harmful chemicals. You’ll notice that your clothes will be brighter, softer, and won’t have that dry-cleaning odor attached to them. Your colors will actually look like the colors they’re supposed to be.


GreenEarth Dry Cleaning also offers Same Day Service!

GreenEarth Cleaning is a whole new way of dry cleaning. Our eco-friendly dry cleaning services will help keep fabrics soft in their proper size and shape. Our gentle methods of cleaning make it easier to clean leather and fur items, while also keeping those clothes bright and soft.

Ship Shape Cleaners is the lone source for GreenEarth Cleaning in Danbury, CT and the surrounding areas. See what sets us apart and how much of a difference natural dry cleaning actually makes. You’ll be amazed at the results!